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Aging and Metabolism, Click here to see the video
The ever-increasing longevity of humans in developed nations is one of humanity’s greatest issues. But this issue is problematic, since although we are remarkably long-lived due to genetics, modern medicine and by our protected lifestyles, we still accumulate age related diseases at the same fixed points in our lives. Old and incapacitated populations are set to overburden health care systems and socioeconomic resources. So we need to understand the biology of ageing processes, and for this we need an animal model that challenges age and ageing.

Most birds live extremely long lives for their body mass, and they also age very slowly. There have been numerous explanations for this; some are ecological and others are physiological and biochemical. Birds have remarkable physiological adaptations for flight, yet they also have bizarre metabolisms, with blood glucose levels defining them as diabetic. Birds appear to stave-off oxidative stress, and have oddities in terms of their telomeres.

New insights from this study of aging in birds suggest that endurance training combined with a low calorie, high nutrition diet, may extend a human’s lifespan.more…
Also birds are smart considering the size of their brain.

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